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Writing Update


My wip (work in progress) is chugging along. I’ve glanced back more than once – argh – but hey, it’s getting there.  And, for the most part, I’m pleased with what I’m writing. (At least this go-around!)

I have a post-it note stuck to my laptop. On it is written:

1. Show me WHY he’s/she’s angry, not the emotion of anger, and,

2. Reveal character or Advance the action.

I read this a lot! My not-so-gentle reminder to pay attention to what I’m writing.

And, I ask myself: Is there conflict in the scene? Is there some kind of clash of either feelings, sentiment, inner conflict, outer conflict. If not in every paragraph, I try to have conflict of some sort on every page.

My biggest dilemma at the moment is that I’m far enough, but not so far into the rewrite, that to switch from third person to first person wouldn’t mean a colossal rewrite. Hmm. There’s a real allure to using first person POV. To switch or not to switch …. ?

So, here’s my project for the morning: I will take my favourite scene from the ms and write it in first person. That way I can compare the two POV’s. Brilliant solution.

I’m writing during the day and in the evening I’m reading “Wired for Story” It’s all about writing!

How is your writing going? Have you ever switched POV mid-stream?


Author: brindle808

I'm old enough to know better, and young enough to want to learn. I am a reflexologist, fantasy writer and daydreamer.

2 thoughts on “Writing Update

  1. Brin… I enjoyed your post. I switched 1st person pov on my 4th draft. I really felt the need to connect even more deeply with my MC and it really did help. I think testing it with a couple of scenes is a great idea. Good luck.

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