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Writing exercises. Ray Bradbury video clip.

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I was delighted to watch the video clip with Ray Bradbury. (Link here: Ray Bradbury youtube video)

What has me excited and curious are his suggestions, which I might add, I’m following. Did you watch the clip? Here’s a recap:
1. Write short stories.

2. Read a short story, a poem, and an essay every night.

3. Get rid of people who don’t support you in your writing endeavor.

4. Live in the library.

He also suggests:

a) List of 10 things you love madly, and write about them.

b) List of 10 things you hate and then kill them when you write about them.

c) List of 10 things you fear (your own personal nightmares), and write about them.

d) List of 10 things you are not sure happened to you, but intuitively you remember them. Write about them.

e) Write word association every day. After one or two pages, see what happens. All of a sudden some character(s) might take over.

I think this is the most helpful, wonderful advice. Don’t you?


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I'm old enough to know better, and young enough to want to learn. I am a reflexologist, fantasy writer and daydreamer.

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