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The non-writing update – Scrivener

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I’m a productively unproductive writer these days.

Here’s the backstory: Over a year ago I tried the Scrivener free trial but never quite got the hang of it and continued to write my novel in Word.

Well, about three months ago I bought the Scrivener program. My logic ran; if I am doing a rewrite I want to be able to pull all of my various bits and pieces together into one place. I can do that with Scrivener. After I downloaded the program I went through the tutorials (which are awesome by the way) and moved the novel over from Word. I started the rewrite, but I wasn’t using many of the nifty Scrivener features.

When I saw a post, (I think on Writer Unboxed) that Gwen was giving an online class, I jumped at it.  I’ve been having so much fun getting my files and folders all tidily, moving in pictures and my map, that I’ve neglected my writing. *sigh* – well, not really, playing hooky is more like it.

Gwen Hernandez wrote the book, “Scrivener for Dummies” which was published in August. Her online classes are four weeks long and are offered for both windows and Mac.

If you’re interested, click  Gwen Hernandez to go to her website.


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