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No writing news. I am applying tools from the Scrivener workshop to my wip before I get too far ahead.

Scrivener has fantastic functions. (At least I think they’re fantastic.) One of my projects is to give each of my characters a coloured label. I can track which scene they are in, whose pov, and, where they are located. I am also creating a list of “Keywords” – another useful tracking tool.

Rearranging is going on in the Synopsis, Inspector, Corkboard, and Outliner features. They are pretty nifty.

All-in-all, I’m pleased. (And three of the six books have arrived from the library, so I’ll be busy.)

I want to acknowledge Sara Douglass. She died one year ago today from cervical cancer. A great author and mentor, I miss her. (See separate post.)

How is your wip coming along? What writing program do you use?


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I'm old enough to know better, and young enough to want to learn. I am a reflexologist, fantasy writer and daydreamer.

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