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Guest post! Katherine Nyborg – Long Haul Awesome


I’m delighted to introduce my guest blogger today, Katherine Nyborg.

Katherine and I met at the Hood River, BONI this year and have since become friends. Her comments and insights are inspiring, wise, and always right on target.  She is one of the most supportive people I’ve met and is always ready to help a fellow writer.  I asked if Katherine would share some of her thoughts here.

Katherine says she, “is another aspiring writer and is currently in the middle of bashing her way through her third novel with her collaborator extraordinaire, Simone Cooper.”  She can be found at

Please give her a big, warm welcome and make sure to comment below. Thanks, everyone. Write on!

Long Haul Awesome
by Katherine Nyborg

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that we writers are an insecure lot.  And it’s not just the aspiring, unpublished writers who feel this way.  Even authors who have sold millions of copies of multiple works are amazed and gratified when readers exclaim, “I loved your story!”  One well-known multiple-bestselling author recently said that while he’s writing, he’s pretty sure everything he puts down on paper is sh*t.

The fact is, the first draft often is much less than what we envision.  The discouragement rolls in, and as aspiring pen-monkeys, we lower our heads to our hands knowing we’ll never match the clarity and sheer awesome of our favorite writers.  Often we quit.

Before angst and discouragement has you torching your work, remember that we all have our own individual awesomeness, our own unique voice, and our own stories that no one else can write.  If you want to write, then do it!  Go for it!  All that’s needed is time, stubbornness, and a willingness to stay open to possibilities–a certain creative evolution and willingness to try new things. The writers who made it kept on writing, editing, polishing–perhaps cursing–then submitting until their stories made it into our hands.  They may not have always believed in themselves or the words they put on paper, but they did the one thing all successful writers do:  they persevered.  The writers who “make it” hold on tenaciously to the basic truth that the story in their head is worth telling, and brooking no excuses, they make it so.

I’m not saying it’s easy.  It isn’t.  Writing is some of the most difficult, brain hurting, butt numbing, ego bruising, carpal tunnel inducing, insecurity churning things we do.  No lie.  As the Dread Pirate Roberts said, “Anyone who says differently is selling something.”

But when the work is done, it’s completely worth it.

Keep writing, no matter what.  Tell your inner critic to take a hike until the first draft is completely done and you have a big picture for her to edit.  Find a truthful and supportive critique group.  Take classes to improve your craft.  But above all, believe that your story is worth it and keep writing.

As Isaac Asimov said, “You send that work out again and again while you’re working on another one.  If you have talent, you will have some measure of success – but only if you persist.”  [The italics are mine.]

Write.  Every day.  Whatever it takes.  Settle in for the long haul that is writing, and give the world a chance to experience your absolute awesome.  You can do it.


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2 thoughts on “Guest post! Katherine Nyborg – Long Haul Awesome

  1. Thanks Brin and Katherine, it was a pleasure meeting both of you in BONI. Katherine, this is something I need to hear over and over again. The voice of doubt is powerful, but perseverance sits on my shoulder and keeps whispering words of encouragement in my ear 🙂

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