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High-school. Grade 10. I learned to type on something like this:

Well, not that model but pretty close. An Olivetti or Underwood and I could type at a pretty good clip. The day the first electric typewriter showed up in the classroom, I thought the other girls and I would drop dead on the spot. How much faster we typed, the electrical hum of the machine, technology – whizzo!

I encountered a word processing system for the first time when I was working in Athens, Greece. In 1982 or so. What a clunky system that was. Indents were entered using +500, +1000, etc., -500, -1000 etc. I had to type a whole string of commands at the top of the page and never knew what the result would be until printed off. I had to ‘see’ the document in my mind before I even began to type. Gave me a great opportunity to exercise the imaginative/visual part of my brain.

Word processing systems today are sublime. Sure, I get crabby from time to time. I can’t learn something quickly enough, or I forget what all those function keys do, but in the scheme of things – this is magic!

I’m delighted. The ms scenes are worked out and I’ve spent the past two days with my feet up working on my story. Type, delete, find, copy and paste. Bless word processing.

I am in awe of earlier writers. Their tenacity. Imagine writing with a quill, or stylus, fingers stained by ink, clunky old manual typewriters … We have it so good!

Did you learn to type on a manual typewriter, an electric typewriter, or a word processor?


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I'm old enough to know better, and young enough to want to learn. I am a reflexologist, fantasy writer and daydreamer.

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