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Steven Pressfield: Resistance Comes Second

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Great short post on Steven Pressfield’s blog.

Resistance Comes Second


By Steven Pressfield


A thought to remember when we wake up each morning and confront anew that dastardly dragon:


Resistance comes second.


Resistance is the shadow, the tree is the Dream.


The Dream comes first. The dream of whatever work or enterprise or endeavor you and I are called to.


Resistance is the shadow cast by that dream.


Resistance is the equal-and-opposite-reaction of nature to the New Thing that you and I are called to bring forth out of nothing.


There would be no Resistance without the Dream. The Dream comes first. Resistance follows.


The other thing to keep in mind is that Resistance’s strength is equal to the power of the Dream. Big Resistance = Big Dream. No Resistance = no dream.


So if you wake up tomorrow morning overwhelmed with fear, dread, and negative energy, that’s a good sign. The massive shadow that you’re experiencing is being cast by an equally massive tree—the tree of your dream, your vision, your calling.


The negative implies the positive. The more daunting the negative, the more brilliant the positive.

Resistance has no power of its own. It’s a shadow, nothing more. As soon as we learn to look past the shadow to the Dream that has cast it, the shadow loses all power over us.


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