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Are you stuck? Here’s a suggestion, and, a quick update.

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I first learned of creative journaling through a friend, an instructor of Creative Journaling (C) developed by Lucia Capacchione.

Creative journaling is many things. It can be a way to understand ourselves and our patterns of behaviour and how they became patterns of behaviour in the first place. This process connects us with ourselves and our emotions on a fundamentally raw and vulnerable level. All of which is beneficial to connect us to those deeper emotions when we are writing.

My experience shows me this is a fascinating way to resolve many writing dilemmas, including the most notorious – writer’s block.

For the sake of curiosity, I encourage you try the following exercise.

Get a notebook or drawing pad as well as a variety of pens, pencils, colourful markers, or pencil crayons.

Now, ask yourself a question. For example: Why am I stuck? What’s going on?

  • Write this question on the paper with your dominant hand.
  • Ponder it for a short time.
  • Let go of any preconceived outcome.
  • Choose the first writing implement that draws you to it. A colourful pencil for example. With your non-dominant hand, write whatever comes to you.

I use the term ‘write’ loosely!

In the beginning your printing will resemble a large scribble. Don’t worry — with practice your printing, then writing, will become more legible.

The results are often extraordinary. By using our non-dominant hand, we allow our brain to switch to a different thought process.

It’s possible your response is child-like or perhaps guarded or protective. Responses akin to your inner child, or protective parent. Again, remain curious and take this opportunity to wonder which part of you is playful, afraid, or defended. Often, when we understand why we are avoiding experiencing a deeper emotion, we can move through it, thereby enabling us to drop into that emotion when we need it in our writing. That piece of paper allows us to scribble, draw, rant and more.

Journaling is part of my writing routine.

Speaking of which, I’m in rewrite number four. Presently going through the document following character arcs using the ’Collections’ option in Scrivener. Progress, albeit slow, is being made.

I distracted myself from writing by moving — again. This time, I believe, I’ve found my home. The house is warm and solid. There is a yard and vegetable garden. I’m at peace. Content.

So, onward on our writing journeys!

Do you journal? What is your writing routine? What writing program do you use?



P.S. I have no affiliation with Ms. Capacchione, though I have worked through her Creative Journaling workbooks.


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I'm old enough to know better, and young enough to want to learn. I am a reflexologist, fantasy writer and daydreamer.

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