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Review of Author In Progress

Vaughn so aptly describes the singular book every writer needs to have on their shelf. Author In Progress. Be sure to read Vaughn’s heartfelt essay on Community, you won’t be disappointed. He also shouts out Therese Walsh, for without her, there’d be no Writer Unboxed or Author In Progress. Thanks, Vaughn!

Vaughn Roycroft's Blog

author-in-progress-coverFirst, An Admission: I’ll come clean up front. This is a review of a book for which I am a contributor. Is that weird? Hope not.

In fairness, I’m one of fifty-four contributors. And fifty-plus of the others are best-selling authors, editors, teachers, or well-known publishing industry leaders, and no few are many of those things. Me? No, none of those (yet!). Yeah, I ended up in excellent company. How’d I get so lucky? (I pose the question rhetorically here, but the roots of my answer can actually be found in my essay in the book, Community Comfort).

The Book Itself: I’ve said from the very beginning that there is nothing like this book available. Most writing and publishing books are fairly segmented and/or focused on a particular aspect of the writing journey, or on the business of publishing. The scope of Author In Progress (AIP) is uniquely unprecedented. It…

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