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A serendipitous turn of events

Enter the cliché: June 1 began like any other day…

Thursday, June 1, 2017 at approximately 9:30 AM, I slipped outside in my garden breaking both left wrist bones. Fortunately, I carry my phone with me, and called a client who I believed would be home on a weekday morning. She drove me to our local clinic where two physicians dosed me with pain meds, reset the bones as best they could, and put my wrist and lower arm in a temporary cast. My client and I were sent on our way to the ferry then Emergency at the local hospital. After an x-ray, I was temporarily knocked out and the bones were reset. I was sent home wearing a more permanent cast. Two weeks later, after another x-ray, it was determined the bones weren’t setting and I’d require surgery. Sparing the to’ing and fro’ing, I’m now allowed to remove my molded wrist brace, wearing it when I am walking the dog or doing more strenuous activities.

Why am I telling you this?

Four days before I broke my wrist, I picked up my new iMac with Dragon dictation loaded onto it. What are the odds? I mean really?

I am smitten with Dragon. I joined an online Facebook group for training your Dragon, bought Scott Baker‘s book, and launched myself into a dramatic learning curve. From the time I broke my wrist to today, everything has been dictated. All emails, all posts on social media, everything. My world would have been very slow indeed if I’d been forced to rely on one-finger typing.

It has understandably taken time for me to feel energetic enough to return to my novel. In March I was working through Lisa Cron‘s new book Story Genius. (You can read my post here.) If you haven’t read her novel, I encourage you to do so. I am pleased with the origin stories I wrote prior to my accident and am currently working on the origin story for my main antagonist. There are things I need to know about her that can only be learned by dropping into deep first person pov and looking at the origin of her misbelief.

I’m optimistic within the next two months I will complete this fourth draft of Weavers World Winter Heart. At the moment, it’s a hulking four hundred twenty-five pages.

I’m curious, do you use a dictating program, or other program(s) which help you with your writing?

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